Thai Taste Experience

Roat Osha offers a casual yet sophisticated approach to the tastes of Thailand.  Uniquely crafted foods combining both authentic American influences are complimented by a décor that invites conversation.

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The beef salad, for instance, is made with good skirt steak marinated in lime juice, galangal, and chilies, quickly grilled, sliced and served in a nutty tasting roast rice-powder dressing on a bed of iceberg lettuce, with plenty of cut long beans and fresh cilantro and mint. It’s a lovely dish: light, lively, forthright, brightly spiced, and tasty. Another great dish is the red beef curry, a complicated mélange of a couple dozen freshly ground spices. Order it mild and you will be tempted to drink the sauce straight from the bowl

- Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl

Love this place! The atmosphere is beautiful and they have a great happy hour. The spring rolls are so delicious and all the dipping sauces are so unique and tasty. I also love the pad thai and all the spicy soups. The new patio is awesome as well.

- Natalie H for Minneapolis

Love this place. Their spring rolls (salad rolls as they call them) are tasty, the satay chicken flavorful and moist, and their sauces are excellent! The sticky rice presentation is adorable. I normally come here alone on a whim, and the atmosphere and design of the place are beautiful and comfortable. Would also be a fantastic place for a group of friends.

- Ri Zoldak